Tire Basic


A tire's exterior marking (besides the brand name) is perhaps the top 2 items first encountered by the customer. There are very knowledgeable technicians and sales representative to help, but knowing the basics would be an even better start to a new set of tires.

The sidewall markings follow Korea's industrial standard (KS), US's FMVSS and Europe's ETRTO standards.



Serious Injury May Result From :
Tire Failure Due To Underinflation/Overloading...
Follow Tire Placard Instructions In Vehicle.
Inflation Pressure Frequently Due To Improper Mounting.
Only Specially Trained Persons Should Mount Tires.
When Mounting Tire, Use Safety Cage And Clip - On Extension Hose To Inflate.

U.T.O.G.(Uniform Tire Quality Gradings System)

The DOT requires tire manufactures to grade passenger car tires based on three performance factors : treadwear, traction and temperature resistance.
**Definition : The US Department of Transportation (DOT) requires manufacturers to grade passenger car tires on the basis of three performance factors: tread wear, traction and temperature resistance.

1. Tread Wear
Tread wear grade represents durability of tire tread expressed as multiple of industrywide standard of 100. A tire with Tread Wear 300 suggests that its tread wears three times as long as the industry standard. However, actual durability will necessarily vary depending on the conditions under which the tire is being used including but not limited to climates, conditions of road surface, driving habits and service practices of owner, among others.

2. Traction
The traction grades are relative to the performance when tested under conditions specified by the Department of Transportation. Test surfaces are divided into asphalt and concrete.
Traction grades start in ascending order from C (Acceptable) to AA (Best)

3. Temperature
The grade is determined by how long the tire lasts under conditions stipulated by the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards #109.

Note: UTQG ratings apply to passenger car radials only. Snow tires or tires with a rim diameter of 12 inches or smaller are not included.

** Hankook Tire is obtaining UTQG markings for all tires-OE or replacement-sold in the North American market.
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